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Saturday, December 21, 2019

How to create child theme in wordpress

There is one main reason why I like to create child theme in Wordpress - if I make some changes in theme, for example, css or to the theme, when next update of theme comes and I update a theme, all changes will be gone. Unless I have a copy somewhere else, except on website, I would need to start over. While to keep a copy of website is good practice, it's also good practice to create a child theme.
The other reason is, whatever you have in child theme will overwrite what's in parent theme.   

Note: this child theme will be created locally - on my computer, not live website and I will be using twentyseventeen theme as an example. 

1) Go to your themes folder. Local Disk (C:) -> xampp -> htdocs -> police-dept-1 (this is the name of your database when you installed Wordpress) ->wp-content -> themes.

2) In folder themes create new folder, name it like your theme-child, in this example, twentyseventeen-child. You can name it however you want, but it's recommended this way.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How to set up a basic HTML page to redirect to another page

Place this code in the head section.

You can use both meta, and JavaScript code:

<html lang="en-US">
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=">
        <script type="text/javascript">
            window.location.href = ""
        <title>Page Redirection</title>



Instead of place your link.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to make simple animated banner in GIF with GIMP

We'll make simple animated banner using images and text. And we'll add border to background. 

If you have ready images/pictures/photos you can start from step 25.
To compress GIF file start from step 28.

0. Prepare images that you want to use for making banner. Look at the image dimension. Right click on image and from drop down menu click on Properties. 

Then choose tab Details and write down dimensions. Click X to close image. 

You will need it for the size of the document in the Gimp. All pictures should be of the same dimensions.

1. Click File then New or on your keyboard (press CTRL and N at the same time). 

2. Type dimensions from previous step and click OK button.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to cut the background from an image in Gimp

We'll cut the background from an image in Gimp and also we will make a transparent background.

1. Click File than Open or (CTRL and O).

2. Navigate to the image you want and press Open button. 

Volkswagen Golf VI of Serbian Border Police and Serbian police force 
This image is neither created nor endorsed by Boris Dimitrov in any way. Boris Dimitrov do not endorse me and/or my use of the work in any way.

2b. From top bar click File, then Save As (Shift+CTRL+S), to save your file. Type the name of the file and click the Save button.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Joomla Instalacija sa XAMPP-om (Joomla Installation with XAMPP)

1. Pokrenite XAMPP. Pokrenite Apache i MySQL klikom na Start dugme.

2. Otvorite phpMyAdmin, kliknite na Admin u liniji MySQL-a ili ukucajte u address bar http://localhost/phpmyadmin/.
3. Kliknite na karticu Databases, u prvo polje upisite ime baze podataka, u ovom primeru, joomla2,  a u drugo polje odaberite odgovarajuci Collation, u ovom primeru, utf8_unicode_ci, pa klik na dugme Create.