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Friday, November 13, 2020

How to choose hosting and domain name?

Find a hosting. 

You have several options when you are choosing hosting and domain name. They are connected. Depends how much money you have or what way you are going to do it. For example, you can create a static HTML website with your basic information and you can use free blog platforms to write your blog posts. Some of good free blog platforms are blogger and wordpress. If you have more money to invest you can make dynamic wordpress website or maybe you need a webshop. Which leads us to another example, where you have a wordpress website or webshop with blog.

If you decide to go with wordpress website with a blog you have to decide where you want to "park" your website. At bluehost or dreamhost or hostgator or somewhere else. I have static HTML website, it is hosted at dreamhost and I have free blogs at and

How to choose domain name.

Your domain name depends on what your niche is. 

My domain name is my name and my last name. But I'm using free blogs for what I'm passionate about or my skills. For example, I have a blog about food recipes with name -, also I have wordpress blog with the name schoolofinternetmarketing (I translated it since it's in my native language, but I do have some posts in English). 

You can choose your domain name by your name, nickname or what is your niche or combination of the two. Do a research on what others are using then decide what would be good fit for you.

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