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Thursday, November 12, 2020

How to install wordpress on web hosting?

First part.

I'll show you how to install wordpress using Dreamhost and Bluehost. I'm using Dreamhost for my website.

If you don't have an account with hosting company and you are interested in creating a new one, I'd appreciate it if you sign up using my Dreamhost affiliate link or Bluehost. Thank you. 

Note: at the time of writing this blog post Bluehost has discount for basic plan for $2.95 per month instead of $8.99. Dreamhost has stater plan for $2.95 which will save you 63% monthly and unlimited plan for $4.95 which will save you 59%. but it's for a 3 year plan.

Installing wordpress with Dreamhost

1. Login to your Dreamhost account.

2. From Dashboard click on Goodies and click on One Click Installs.

3. Click on Wordpress.

4. From drop down menu of Install to, choose your domain name. In second field, after / (slash) if you want to install your blog as subdomain, not as primary domain, you can write blog. If not, meaning you want to install your blog on primary domain, leave second field empty.

5. Select database, leave Automatically Create Database.

6. If you know how to create blog or website you can check next to Delux einstall. If not leave empty or you can hire me to do instead of you.

7. Click Install it for me now button. 

You will get confirmation page.

After 15 minutes or so, depending on your internet connection, wordpress will be installed. Also, you will get an email from Dreamhost with final instructions to configure your wordpress. 

In that email you'll get link to login with your email or username. But before that, in order to login for the first time, you'll have to set up the password, if that link expired you'll get link where you can reset your password and other info.

8. Click on link to set your wordpress password. Click on eye to see your password. Select it and copy it somewhere on your computer and be sure to save it removable drive. Click Reset password button.

9. Click on login text. Using your username or email from the Dreamhost email and the password you just saved, login to your wordpress blog or website.

Installing wordpress with Bluehost

1. First, you need to create Bluehost account. Go to From Hosting drop down menu choose Shared Hosting.

2. Click Choose Plan button and select the plan you want. Usually when people are just starting take first plan.

But you can choose which ever you want.

3. Type your domain name and check if available.

If not available, you have to find the one it is.

4. When domain name is available you will get message. Below type your Account information. Under Package information, choose your plan - one year or more. Under Package extras choose something if you want, otherwise, uncheck all boxes. I would uncheck them. At the end of packages extras you'll see your Savings and Total cost.

5. Enter your Payment information. If you don't want to pay with credit card, click more payment options text link and choose Paypal.

6. Check next to - I have read and agree to Bluehost's Auto Renewal Terms, Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy and acknowledge receipt of the Privacy Notice.

7. Click Submit button.

8. When done, you'll get Congratulations screen message. Click Set password button. Choose strong password. Usually, goes something like - U8d$Sq2X#Ko%0O1Ec3@fD. Retype the password in second field. Click Next button.

Make sure to save password to your excel table or word document on your computer and on remove drive.

9. Click Login button. Wordpress will start installing.

10. When done. You'll get theme pages to choose. If you found the one that you like you can hover over and click on Use this theme button, if not, at the bottom of page click skip this step text link (you can choose it later). 

11. When done, click Start building button. It will transfer you to Wordpress Dashboard. 

Second part.

After you installed wordpress to your domain name, my advice is to install a local copy of wordpress on your computer. Why? You have a website (blog) on your domain name and when you change something on your website or blog posts it will automatically be live. Which is ok, right; but if you, for example, are writing a blog post and you hit publish button and then you remember something to add, then you press update button. Then you go to read your post and you see a mistake, grammar, you get back and fiz it and update button. Imagine someone is reading your blog post. And now think how would you feel? Not good right. So it's better to install copy of wordpress on your computer. You can make changes until you are satisfied and then you can upload content to your website (blog). The second reason why you should do this is because you need time to set up your blog (website) with theme, pages, menu, sidebar, footer.

How to to install wordpress with XAMPP? 

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