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Friday, November 13, 2020

How to set up a theme for your wordpress website?

Now you can log in to your local copy of wordpress on your computer. First, bookmark this log in page to your bookmark bar so you can easily access it. Type in your username and password and press log in button.

a) You are at Dashboard.

b) On your left side of your screen, go to (hover with your mouse) Appearance, then click on Themes. Depending on when are you reading this, now in 2020, or maybe later in 2021, picture below shows free themes installed on wordpress. In this time, active theme is twenty twenty and there are twenty nineteen and twenty seventeen themes. 

c) Go to localhostyourdatabasename to see your blog (website). In this example, it is http://localhost/newblog/.

Now, bookmark this page too.

d) If you want any other theme already installed you need to click Activate button. Then go to your blog page and refresh it or press F5 on your keyboard to see your new theme. If you want some other theme, go to Add New button on top of your screen. 

e) On your top right you have search box named Search themes. Click inside and type, if you know what you want, in this example, I'll type twentysixteen and press Enter.

or you can search through themes.

f) Now you can click Preview button to see how it will look like, but let me tell you they all look like boneman without blog post, pages, menu, sidebar, images. So, press Install button.

g) Now, press Activate button and go see your theme (F5 on keyboard).

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