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Saturday, December 12, 2020

How to create pages in wordpress?

You'll need pen and paper or google keep notes if you are on your mobile phone, to draw or write down what your pages will be. Basic pages are Homepage, About Me and Contact. Other pages may include Services. or what you like, like in my example. I have About me page and I have other three pages Vehicles I like, Hand drawing and Photoshop.

Now, let's create those basic pages.

a) On your left side of your screen, click on Pages.

b) You have two pages. Privacy policy and Sample page. Leave privacy policy page and delete sample page. Hover over Sample page text with your mouse and click on Trash.

Your page is in Trash now but if you want to delete it permanently you have to go to Trash. It is below message - one page moved to trash or above Bulk actions drop down menu. Click on Trash (1) text.

Hover over Sample Page text and click on Delete Permanently.

c) Before we create homepage, we are going to add one plugin, me, if you don't want to you don't have to, it's classic editor because I can not stand new blocks (I'm moving my free wordpress blog to blogger). So, on your left side click on Plugins.

On your left side under Plugins click Add New text or on top of your screen click Add New button.

On your top right of your screen you have search box with text Search Plugins. Click inside and type classic editor. Press Enter.

Click Install Now button.

Click Activate button.

d) Now we are going to create Homepage. On your left side, under Pages click Add New text or on top of your screen click Add New button.

In first field type name of your page, in this example, Beaverlodge Fire Rescue :) N the second field, paragraph field you can type some info that you think it's important to go on your home page. In this example,

The Beaverlodge Fire Department is a volunteer organization, made up of twenty-five members. We have two fire engines (one town, and one county), a fire rescue truck and the jaws of life. The department serves the town and the surrounding county.

On right side of your screen click Publish button.

If you refresh your blog page now you won't be able to see your page because, by default (standard) it is showing blog post Hello world.

e) We are going to create About Me page. Click Add New button. In first field type About Me and in second field type something about you. Click Publish button.

f) We are going to create Contact page. Click Add New button. In first field type Contact. In the second field you can type some contact info. And we'll add Contact form. Click Publish button.

g) We are going to create a Blog page. Click Add New button. In first field type Blog or whatever you want to call your blog, like News or similar, in this example Blog. Click Publish button.

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