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Thursday, December 10, 2020

How to create posts in wordpress?

a) On your left side, click Posts.

b) On your left side click Add New text or on top of your screen click Add New button.

c) In the first field type the title of your post and in the second field type the post text. Press Publish button. Don't worry, you can type any text, it won't be live since it's still on your computer. Type something so we can create category so it will be your main category. You can change it later.

d) Hover over Hello world post and click Trash to delete post.

e) You can few more posts because of the Settings that we will set up later.

When you write the Title and text in second field, go to right side and last tab is Featured Images. Click Set Featured Image text and upload image from your computer. You can add title for image, alt tag, caption and description. Press Set featured image button.

Now press Publish button.

f) Now, under Posts click on Categories.

g) In the first field, Name, write the name of your category, in this example, Volunteer. You can add later, in third field, Parent Category, if you want this category to be under some other main category. Since it's your first category you can leave as parent (main) category. You don't want to put it under Uncategorized.

h) In fourth field, Description, you can description about your category. Depending on your theme description may show. Click Add New Category.

i) Go back to Post, on your left side and click on the post you created earlier. On the right side, under Categories, uncheck Uncategorized and check your category, in this example Volunteer.

j) Below, under Tags, click in the field and type meaningful tags. Tags are keywords that are in your post, most common words. Tags can be made from one word or two or more. Don't over do it. Few is enough. More about this will be in How to do SEO? You can separate your tags with commas and then to press Enter to add it or you can press Enter after typing each tag. That's how I'm doing.

Refresh (F5 on keyboard) your blog page to see changes.

When you are on Homepage and you scroll down to Categories and when hover over the category that you added description the description will show.

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