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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Setting up Settings in Wordpress

On your left side, click Settings text.

a) In General tab, in second field, write your tagline. If you need to change your language other than English, timezone, date format, time format and week starts on, you can change it here. Press Save Changes button.

b) In Writing tab, in first drop down menu, Default Post Category, choose the category you made earlier, in this example Volunteer. In third line, Default editor for all users, you can change between classic and block editor, if you installed classic editor plugin. In fourth line, Allow users to switch editors, if you have or will have some other person or persons who will work on your blog, you can give them choice to choose between editors or not. Press Save button.

c) In Reading tab, in first line, Your homepage displays, you can choose between your latest blog posts to shown when someone lands on your blog and your homepage, static page. By default is your blog posts. If you want to show your homepage, check button next to A static page (select below) and select the page from drop down menu, in this example Beaverlodge Fire Rescue (homepage).

For blog posts select blog page, you created earlier, in this example Blog.

Under Blog pages show at most, choose from drop down menu how many posts will be shown an Blog page. In this example I'll leave at 10.

Under Syndication feeds show the most recent choose from drop down menu how many posts will be shown in feed, in this example I'll leave at 10.

For - For each post in a feed, include, you can choose between Full text and Summary, in this example, I'll choose Summary, I don't want to overwhelm people by scrolling through whole posts to see what new in feed.

For Search engine visibility, leave blank, because you want search engine like Google to index your website which means it will show up in search.

Press Save Changes button.

Go to your Blog page and refresh it. Click on Blog page from menu.

d) In Permalinks, if not already set, which is with me, check anything except Plain, Numeric and Custom Structures. So, you can choose between Day and name, Month and name and Post name. In this example, Post name. Press Save Changes button.

e) In Privacy tab, you can edit your Privacy Policy page.

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