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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

How to customize sidebar in wordpress?

a) On your left side, hover over Appearance and click on Widgets.

b) Click on down arrow next to Content Bottom 1 and next to Content Bottom 2.

c) From Content Bottom 1, click and drag one by one, Category, Archives and Meta widgets to Sidebar tab. I added title to Meta widget, User Login.

Go to your Homepage or Blog page and refresh it.

d) Scroll down to Tag Cloud. Click arrow down and it should be selected Sidebar. If not check next to Sidebar. Click Add Widget button.

In title field, write title, in this example Tags and press Save button. Click Done text when finished. Go to your Blog page and refresh it (F5 on top of keyboard).

If you want to add any other widgets you can repeat step d) just find your widget.

How to customize footer in wordpress?

a) On your left side, hover over Appearance and click on Widgets. In line of Sidebar text click up arrow to close tab, if it is opened. 

b) If Content Bottom 1 and 2 are not open. Click in line of text of Content Bottom 1 and Content Bottom 2, on down arrow to open it.

c) Find Calendar and click down arrow, Sidebar should be selected. Now select Content Bottom 1 text. Click Add Widget button.

In title field, write your title for Calendar, in this example, Calendar of Posts. Click Save button and press Done when finished.

Go to your Blog page and refresh it (F5).

d) Find Custom HTML and click on down arrow to open it. Click on Content Bottom 2 and click Add Widget buttom.

In Title type Contact Info. In Content type next code:

<strong>Address:</strong> Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0, Canada<br />

<strong>Phone:</strong> 780-354-8900<br />


<a href="http://localhost/newblog/contact/">Contact form</a>

Go to your Contact page on your blog and copy address from address bar. Press Save and click Done when finished. Address, phone and email will be in bold. when someone clicks contact form it will take them to Contact page. Go to your Blog page and refresh it (F5).

Saturday, December 12, 2020

How to create pages in wordpress?

You'll need pen and paper or google keep notes if you are on your mobile phone, to draw or write down what your pages will be. Basic pages are Homepage, About Me and Contact. Other pages may include Services. or what you like, like in my example. I have About me page and I have other three pages Vehicles I like, Hand drawing and Photoshop.

Now, let's create those basic pages.

a) On your left side of your screen, click on Pages.

b) You have two pages. Privacy policy and Sample page. Leave privacy policy page and delete sample page. Hover over Sample page text with your mouse and click on Trash.

Your page is in Trash now but if you want to delete it permanently you have to go to Trash. It is below message - one page moved to trash or above Bulk actions drop down menu. Click on Trash (1) text.

Hover over Sample Page text and click on Delete Permanently.

c) Before we create homepage, we are going to add one plugin, me, if you don't want to you don't have to, it's classic editor because I can not stand new blocks (I'm moving my free wordpress blog to blogger). So, on your left side click on Plugins.

On your left side under Plugins click Add New text or on top of your screen click Add New button.

On your top right of your screen you have search box with text Search Plugins. Click inside and type classic editor. Press Enter.

Click Install Now button.

Click Activate button.

d) Now we are going to create Homepage. On your left side, under Pages click Add New text or on top of your screen click Add New button.

In first field type name of your page, in this example, Beaverlodge Fire Rescue :) N the second field, paragraph field you can type some info that you think it's important to go on your home page. In this example,

The Beaverlodge Fire Department is a volunteer organization, made up of twenty-five members. We have two fire engines (one town, and one county), a fire rescue truck and the jaws of life. The department serves the town and the surrounding county.

On right side of your screen click Publish button.

If you refresh your blog page now you won't be able to see your page because, by default (standard) it is showing blog post Hello world.

e) We are going to create About Me page. Click Add New button. In first field type About Me and in second field type something about you. Click Publish button.

f) We are going to create Contact page. Click Add New button. In first field type Contact. In the second field you can type some contact info. And we'll add Contact form. Click Publish button.

g) We are going to create a Blog page. Click Add New button. In first field type Blog or whatever you want to call your blog, like News or similar, in this example Blog. Click Publish button.

Setting up Settings in Wordpress

On your left side, click Settings text.

a) In General tab, in second field, write your tagline. If you need to change your language other than English, timezone, date format, time format and week starts on, you can change it here. Press Save Changes button.

b) In Writing tab, in first drop down menu, Default Post Category, choose the category you made earlier, in this example Volunteer. In third line, Default editor for all users, you can change between classic and block editor, if you installed classic editor plugin. In fourth line, Allow users to switch editors, if you have or will have some other person or persons who will work on your blog, you can give them choice to choose between editors or not. Press Save button.

c) In Reading tab, in first line, Your homepage displays, you can choose between your latest blog posts to shown when someone lands on your blog and your homepage, static page. By default is your blog posts. If you want to show your homepage, check button next to A static page (select below) and select the page from drop down menu, in this example Beaverlodge Fire Rescue (homepage).

For blog posts select blog page, you created earlier, in this example Blog.

Under Blog pages show at most, choose from drop down menu how many posts will be shown an Blog page. In this example I'll leave at 10.

Under Syndication feeds show the most recent choose from drop down menu how many posts will be shown in feed, in this example I'll leave at 10.

For - For each post in a feed, include, you can choose between Full text and Summary, in this example, I'll choose Summary, I don't want to overwhelm people by scrolling through whole posts to see what new in feed.

For Search engine visibility, leave blank, because you want search engine like Google to index your website which means it will show up in search.

Press Save Changes button.

Go to your Blog page and refresh it. Click on Blog page from menu.

d) In Permalinks, if not already set, which is with me, check anything except Plain, Numeric and Custom Structures. So, you can choose between Day and name, Month and name and Post name. In this example, Post name. Press Save Changes button.

e) In Privacy tab, you can edit your Privacy Policy page.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

How to create posts in wordpress?

a) On your left side, click Posts.

b) On your left side click Add New text or on top of your screen click Add New button.

c) In the first field type the title of your post and in the second field type the post text. Press Publish button. Don't worry, you can type any text, it won't be live since it's still on your computer. Type something so we can create category so it will be your main category. You can change it later.

d) Hover over Hello world post and click Trash to delete post.

e) You can few more posts because of the Settings that we will set up later.

When you write the Title and text in second field, go to right side and last tab is Featured Images. Click Set Featured Image text and upload image from your computer. You can add title for image, alt tag, caption and description. Press Set featured image button.

Now press Publish button.

f) Now, under Posts click on Categories.

g) In the first field, Name, write the name of your category, in this example, Volunteer. You can add later, in third field, Parent Category, if you want this category to be under some other main category. Since it's your first category you can leave as parent (main) category. You don't want to put it under Uncategorized.

h) In fourth field, Description, you can description about your category. Depending on your theme description may show. Click Add New Category.

i) Go back to Post, on your left side and click on the post you created earlier. On the right side, under Categories, uncheck Uncategorized and check your category, in this example Volunteer.

j) Below, under Tags, click in the field and type meaningful tags. Tags are keywords that are in your post, most common words. Tags can be made from one word or two or more. Don't over do it. Few is enough. More about this will be in How to do SEO? You can separate your tags with commas and then to press Enter to add it or you can press Enter after typing each tag. That's how I'm doing.

Refresh (F5 on keyboard) your blog page to see changes.

When you are on Homepage and you scroll down to Categories and when hover over the category that you added description the description will show.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

How to move a div element?

How to move to the right div element or any other element.

Solution: add block property.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <title>css Tips and Tricks</title>
      <link href="css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" />
    <div id="div1">Center this sentence.</div>

Save this file as, for example, css-tricks.html, in your css-tricks folder. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

How to create menu in wordpress?

On the left side, go to Appearance and then click on Menus.

a) In the first field, Menu Name, type the name of your menu, in this example Top bar.

Under Menu Setting check next to Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu to automatically add new menu item. Check next to Primary Menu. Press Create Menu button.

Friday, November 13, 2020

How to set up a theme for your wordpress website?

Now you can log in to your local copy of wordpress on your computer. First, bookmark this log in page to your bookmark bar so you can easily access it. Type in your username and password and press log in button.

a) You are at Dashboard.

b) On your left side of your screen, go to (hover with your mouse) Appearance, then click on Themes. Depending on when are you reading this, now in 2020, or maybe later in 2021, picture below shows free themes installed on wordpress. In this time, active theme is twenty twenty and there are twenty nineteen and twenty seventeen themes. 

How to choose hosting and domain name?

Find a hosting. 

You have several options when you are choosing hosting and domain name. They are connected. Depends how much money you have or what way you are going to do it. For example, you can create a static HTML website with your basic information and you can use free blog platforms to write your blog posts. Some of good free blog platforms are blogger and wordpress. If you have more money to invest you can make dynamic wordpress website or maybe you need a webshop. Which leads us to another example, where you have a wordpress website or webshop with blog.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

How to install wordpress on web hosting?

First part.

I'll show you how to install wordpress using Dreamhost and Bluehost. I'm using Dreamhost for my website.

If you don't have an account with hosting company and you are interested in creating a new one, I'd appreciate it if you sign up using my Dreamhost affiliate link or Bluehost. Thank you. 

Note: at the time of writing this blog post Bluehost has discount for basic plan for $2.95 per month instead of $8.99. Dreamhost has stater plan for $2.95 which will save you 63% monthly and unlimited plan for $4.95 which will save you 59%. but it's for a 3 year plan.

Installing wordpress with Dreamhost

1. Login to your Dreamhost account.

2. From Dashboard click on Goodies and click on One Click Installs.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Zaboravljena windows 7 lozinka administratora (Forgot windows 7 administrator password)

Ako ste promenili lozinku i ne mozete da se setite ili se dugo niste logovali.

1) Idite na Start dugme i kliknite Shut down. 

2) Sacekajte da se racunar ugasi.

3) Pritisnite i drzite Power dugme da upalite racunar i kada vidite Windows logo pritisnite Power dugme da se ugasi racunar tj. da pokrenete Startup Repair.

4) Ovaj proces, zavisno od brzine vaseg racunara mozete trajati od 10 do 15 minuta. Pojavice vam se prozor sa porukom da li zelite da vratite na pocetno stanje, necete, tako da kliknite na Cancel. Sacekajte da zavrsi Startup Repair proces.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Warning: POST Content-Length of 11933650 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

If you are tried to upload woocommerce plugin to wordpress and you got this message

Warning: POST Content-Length of 11933650 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

Then you need find php.ini file in xampp folder and change upload_max_filesize to 1000M and post_max_size also to 1000M.

Restart your Apache and try again.

Monday, July 6, 2020

HTML and CSS - Creating lists

Seventh video lesson - how to create lists.

HTML and CSS - Basic table

Sixth video lesson - how to create a very basic table/

HTML and CSS - Add google fonts

Fifth video lesson - how to add google fonts to a web page.

HTML and CSS - CSS styles

Fourth video lesson - CSS styles.

HTML and CSS - Formatting tags

Third video lesson - formatting HTML tags.

HTML and CSS - Basic tags

Second video lesson - basic tags in HTML.

HTML and CSS - Web page structure

This is first video out of 7 about HTML and CSS.

First - introduction video.

Web page structure

Friday, February 21, 2020

How to code Wordpress theme from zero - Part 3

Adding sections to page

29) Go to page.php and copy all code. Go to content-template.php and paste it under comment. All code is:


Template Name: Contact Me page template


<?php get_header();?>

<div class="container">

<h1><?php the_title();?></h1>

<?php get_template_part('includes/section', 'content');?>


<?php get_footer();?>

After h1 tag add this

<div class="row">
   <div class="col-lg-6">
      This is for contact form.

Then cut include part line of code and paste it to second column.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

How to code Wordpress theme from zero - Part 4

36) This will add Menus in Appearance. Go to functions.php and at the end of the code add


37) Go to Appereance -> Manus to create a menu. On the right side click button Create Menu. And name it as you want, I called my Top Menu. On the left side under the Pages check box next to Select All then click Add to Menu. Arrange pages. No click Save Menu.

Creating Navigation Menu

38) Go to functions.php to create a menu.