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Saturday, October 10, 2015

4 Ways to add stroke

Adding Stroke to already created shape

Option 1: from menu bar click Layer, than Layer Style and click on Stroke.

Option 2: in Layer Panel click fx buttom and than Stroke. 

Option 3: Double click on layer you want to add stroke. Be sure not to click on name, click on image (square). On left side, from Styles, click Stroke.

Rasterized layer

Not rasterized layer

To be able to apply stroke, you have to have rasterized layer. To do that right click on shape and pick Rasterize Layer or from Layer Panel, right click on layer and pick Rasterize Layer.

Adding Stroke before you create shape

Option 4: from Tools on the left pick the shape you want (U). From top pick Fill color, Stroke and stroke thickness. Also pick Stroke Options (full line, dashed or dotted). Than click, drag and release to create shape.

Fill color

Stroke color

Stroke size

Stroke options

If you use first 3 options you can copy layer style, from one to other layers and if you use option 4 you cannot do that.

when right clicked cannot copy layer style

To copy layer style, right click on layer from which you want to copy layer styles (effects) and click Copy Layer Style). Than click on layer you want to paste it and click Paste Layer Style.

Note: on image you see available Paste Layer Style because I already copied it. 

Tip: if you have a lot layers, you can close Layer Styles (Effects). Click on fx arrow.

To close or open Layer Styles

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